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 Church Presentations: A Theology of Activism and Transformation


"You don't understand, my only son has been killed! I may not understand but He does. Because God lost His only son too, so that we could live!" excerpt from 'Trouble Don't Last Always!'

This play explores how Christ reveals to each unique and diverse character the power of His love and their divine purpose. As they convey who they are and how God has moved in their lives, they become a stunning chorus of characters who sing from the deepest part of their hearts, "Trouble Don't Last Always." These characters talk to the audience as if they are old friends as they share their stories in their own voices. These are characters that deal with real life issues and recognize nothing is too tough for God.

"I am a jumping, dancing, clapping, stomping, singing, miracle of a woman. Now look at yourself and see the same!" excerpt from 'I'm Every Woman.'

This play explores the power and tenacity of women to survive in an ever-changing world. Reanae takes a thought provoking journey through diverse women's lives as they transform from caterpillars into butterflies reaching their fullest potential. As they face every social issue imaginable homelessness, breast cancer, war, sexual abuse, AIDS, and domestic violence. They learn the profound lesson of never giving up on LOVE. Each woman seeks to reach their purpose and become the change that they seek in the world. They learn the heartache of life and the miracles of life. They learn the ultimate lesson, "THE VALUE OF A WOMAN."


This play is a powerful play about womanhood. Reanae interweaves characters of substance and tenacity. She gives the powerful testimony of each woman as they talk about survival through Jesus Christ. Each character is unique. She takes the journey through the life of a crippled woman, laughs with a woman named Julia who comes to Christ, cries healing tears with a little girl named Dandelion who has been sexually abused, shouts in victory with an old woman as she describes all she lost and all she gained through Christ, holds her head up with the woman who experienced Domestic Violence, and last but not least Reanae tells her powerful testimony. This is a play that ministers healing to the woman of today as well as teaching the principles of womanhood and activism.