Dear Beloved:

Warm Greetings!

I would like to welcome you to my website. Please take the time to enjoy, explore, think, and be empowered. I am thankful that I have an opportunity to create powerful art exhibits, plays, stories, lectures, and inspirational speaking from my womb-spirit. I know that giving birth is a process of pain, beauty, hurt, and divine manifestation. I share with you all the beautiful gifts that have been given to me freely by the Divine. I hope while traveling through my website that it touches you and triggers you to be all you have come to earth to be.

I seek to fulfill unmet needs in the world. I invite you to become the change that you seek in the world. I invite you to look injustice in the eye wherever it may manifest itself and say "You can't win." I invite you to use LOVE as your weapon to courageously move through this world and your life. I have had the opportunity to break bread with many around the world and I know that HOPE will be a companion to anyone who will accept her. I want you to know that I am hopeful today that we can make a difference in the world together.

My Womanist theater consist of one-woman shows that give breath to the voices and stories of women who are revealing and exposing the life-lessons in their journey as they challenge rape, racism, domestic violence, sexism, AIDS, classism, breast cancer, homelessness etc. The stories I quilt together are pieces of wisdom that are sweet to the taste and appetizing to the mind. My lectures are fire fighters that expose oppression in this world. My inspirational speaking is living water to usher the soul to another level of encouragement and empowerment. My exhibits are the voices of justice refusing not to be heard. I welcome you today to sit at this delicious soul food dinner with me at my website and capture a glimpse into my heart as I offer healing to the world by addressing difficult and intimate issues.

I would love to come to your community as an artist, speaker, activist, and surivivor to assist you in making a difference. Please make sure you sign up for my free newsletter so I can continue to encourage and inspire you as well as download my promotional packets. Thanks for coming to this soul food dinner on my web. Please know that we all have equal access to all we want in this world by tapping the power within. Love, peace, hope, faith, and purpose are within us. Look deep and accept your greatness then strut into it! I look forward to hearing from you.

Divinely Purposed,

Reanae McNeal

Always meet life with a smile, knowing that you are made in the image of the Creator and that everything you need to complete your divine purpose was already provided the moment you were born...

Be Blessed,


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